The Department of Mechanical and Industrial engineering consists of:

1. Mechanical Engineering specialization

2. Industrial Engineering specialization

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department:

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at the Applied Science University strives to graduate mechanical engineers of the highest quality through excellence in teaching, applied research, and professional service. To be an innovative department with exceptional education standards by which others are measured.
The mission of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at ASU is to provide students with a sound mechanical and Industrial engineering education, advance the understanding and application of mechanical engineering principles, enhance economic development of the country and improve the quality of life of our society throughout teaching and research.

A summary of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department's goals are given below:

1. Educate students in the application of mathematics, science, and engineering principles for solving mechanical and Industrial engineering problems.
2. Develop students’ professional skills that enable a successful career.

3. Develop students’ ability to practice mechanical and Industrial engineering through design, team work and communication skills.

4. Increase interaction and collaboration of the academic-staff and students with the industry and other educational institutes.

5. Recruit and retain high quality faculty members with interests in the cutting-edge mechanical engineering technology.

6. Improve the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department’s infrastructure to facilitate research productivity and participation in international scientific events.

The number of students enrolled in the engineering program by each year :



Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering 
43 54 546 First
79 51 446 Second
52 38 402 Third
42 41 383 Forth
25 23 245 Fifth
241 207 2022 Total