The Faculty of Engineering at Applied Science University will be nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in education, research, collaborative efforts with industry, and community service.


The Faculty of Engineering provides a superior learning experience that produces highly capable engineers. The primary endeavor is to offer a high quality undergraduate education that is relevant to the future careers and lives of its students. The Faculty of Engineering recognizes that faculty and staff are essential in the realization of this mission and seeks to provide a working environment that supports and values these individuals.

The Faculty of Engineering utilizes a personal approach to education that is supportive of students. It incorporates and develops skills in communication, design, mathematics, science, and technology relevant to the student's degree. The programs develop and integrate students' professional and technical skills so that they can confidently enter, succeed, and continue the life-long learning process in their chosen careers.


1- Provide programs focusing on the fundamentals of engineering
2- Promote the students' capabilities in the area of communications, Ethics, and as a team player.
3- Providing researchs eith high proficiency focusing on the need of the local community.


Educational goals:

  • Graduates will be ready for solving engineering problems bacause they had already applied the engineering skill successfully 
  • Graduates will have the ability to show their abilities to apply principles of design  under the scientific, technological, practical and social controls.
  • Graduates will be able to identify their career goals and their plans for future progress in the labor market after acquiring the necessary skills to cope with the ongoing global change around them.

Resulting goals:

  • the engineering that the students are learning  is higly appreciated by the institutions, businesses and communities. the graduates have the ability to work in a variety of engineering jobs, or pursue their studies. 
  • the faculty members thar are teaching the students have high efficiency in teaching and they are internal and  external organizations and persons to ensure that the students get special teaching by special means. thecontinuous  Rating ensures the development of educational programs and tools to fit  the needs of students.
  • Students will have information on various contemporary issues and cultures, and they will introduce the impact of technological decisions in the global and local problems.
  • Students will have the ability to use mathematical and engineering sciences to design systems and processes that conform to the laws and regulations that are desired. And they will have the ability to interact with the practical aspects of the production from the beginning of the design until the end of the production process. They will have the ability to work in a professional and ethical way as individuals or as members of multi-disciplinary teams.They will have the ability to communicate their ideas, either orally or in writing, as is usually expected from engineers. And they will have the ability to prepare all the necessary documents  for the design and production.
  • Each graduate will have basic technical skills in math, science and engineering and will be able to use the engineering skills to solve engineering problems by analysis and design.